10 of the best multivitamins for women over 50

Nutrition changes with age and women over 50 have different vitamin and mineral needs compared to younger women. Some people may need to supplement with certain nutrients if they are not consuming adequate amounts in their diet.

A quick look at 10 of the best multivitamins for women of 50

Supplement use is common in the United States, with roughly half of all adults taking some form of these over-the-counter products. Around 34–49% of older adults regularly take a multivitamin or multimineral supplement.

This article discusses what multivitamins are, whether they are necessary for women over 50 years of age, and some of the best multivitamins for people in this age group.

Multivitamins are nutritional supplements that contain a blend of different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. There is no standard definition for the type or amount of nutrients a multivitamin should contain.

Manufacturers may specially formulate multivitamins to address specific nutritional needs, such as for athletes and vegans, and health concerns, such as fertility vitamins. Other multivitamins are general purpose.

However, people should not rely solely on multivitamins for the nutrients they need. People should always try to consume enough vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet.

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Multivitamins can be helpful for people who have difficulty meeting all their nutritional needs through diet alone. These products may benefit people with health conditions such as osteoporosis and vitamin B12 deficiencies.

However, people should always contact a healthcare professional for advice before taking a multivitamin supplement. In most cases, a person can reach the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet.

While some studies suggest multivitamins may be beneficial for certain populations, current findings do not support the use of multivitamins or other supplements to reduce the risk of chronic conditions in people without nutritional deficiencies.

A person’s nutrition needs change as they age. Females over the age of 50 may need supplementation for the following nutrients:

  • Calcium: Females over 50 years require 1,200 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day compared to the 1,000 mg necessary for adult females aged 19–50.
  • Vitamin B6: Females over 50 years also need more vitamin B6. People in this age group should aim to consume 1.5 mg per day. Additionally, older people are at higher risk of developing a vitamin B6 deficiency.
  • Vitamin B12: Many older adults find it more difficult to absorb vitamin B12 from food due to a decrease in stomach acid secretion. This increases the risk of a severe vitamin B12 deficiency, and healthcare professionals may recommend supplementation.
  • Vitamin D: Older adults are more at risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency.

Medical News Today chooses products that meet the following criteria where possible:

  • Price: Products suit a wide range of budgets.
  • Ingredients: Products list all ingredients clearly, with manufacturing processes outlined.
  • Safety: Products contain ingredients deemed safe for ingestion.
  • Reputation: Products are from businesses that adhere to industry best practices.
  • Available certificate of analysis: MNT chooses companies that demonstrate transparency and share a product’s certificate of analysis (COA) following receipt of its third-party lab results.

The following are some of the best multivitamins for women over 50 years of age.

Best for organic ingredients: New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily 55+ Multivitamin

This vitamin contains vitamins B, C, D3, and K2, plus organic turmeric, peppermint, and red clover.

This product has the following certifications:

  • ICS certified organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • NSF certified gluten-free

It is also suitable for vegetarians.

New Chapter states this supplement is suitable to take on an empty stomach.

Some reviewers claimed the product is more expensive than other multivitamins, and they did not feel any additional benefits when compared to drugstore products.

In addition, this supplement contains nutrients such as zinc oxide and magnesium oxide that are not in bioavailable forms, which means the body cannot absorb the nutrients.

Best multivitamin with a probiotic: Garden of Life Vitamin Code 50 and Wiser Women Capsules

This supplement contains more than 20 different fruits and vegetables. Along with vitamins and minerals, it contains a probiotic and enzyme blend, which the manufacturer states makes it easier to digest.

This multivitamin is free from:

  • synthetic binders
  • fillers
  • artificial flavors
  • sweeteners
  • colors
  • additives

This product is also Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified gluten-free, and Kosher.

However, one reviewer states they received empty capsules, and another notes that these multivitamins do not contain magnesium.

Best mini-tablet: Rainbow Light 50+ Mini-Tablet Food-Based Multivitamin

This supplement contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, CoQ10, B-complex, spirulina, and probiotics.

Rainbow Light states that this multivitamin may help promote immune, bone, brain, and eye health.

The mini-tablets may be easier to swallow than some other products. However, some reviewers state that they did not notice any difference when taking these multivitamins compared to cheaper options.

Best for calcium and magnesium: Thorne Women’s Multi 50+

Thorne claims that this supplement features optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium. In addition, this multivitamin contains vitamin D, B vitamins, zinc, and antioxidants, which may help support general health.

However, the dosage is six capsules per day, which some people may find too many.

Best for gummies: SmartyPants Women’s Masters 50+ Multivitamin

SmartyPants formulates this supplement with 17 important nutrients, including vitamins B12 and D3 and omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, this multivitamin is iron-free and third-party lab-tested.

Gummies can be a helpful alternative for people who have trouble swallowing pills and tablets. However, some reviewers state that they experienced acid reflux after consuming these multivitamins. Additionally, each dose of four gummies contains 6 grams (g) of added sugar, equating to 1.5 teaspoons.

Best for a subscription service: care/of Multivitamin

The manufacturer states it formulated this product to address gaps in a person’s diet without adding too much of what they are already consuming.

Additionally, this multivitamin is non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

Although this multivitamin is not specifically for people over 50 years of age, it contains several nutrients a person may need, such as vitamins D3 and B12.

However, care/of is a subscription service, and some people may prefer the option to buy multivitamins as a once-off purchase.

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Best for traceable ingredients: Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin 50+

All the ingredients in this multivitamin are traceable, so a person knows where each ingredient comes from. They are also non-GMO.

The manufacturer states that these capsules dissolve slowly, which may help promote absorption. It is suitable for vegans and free from major allergens.

However, this supplement does not contain calcium, vitamin C, or vitamin B6. A person who requires these vitamins will need to purchase additional supplements.

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Best for affordable multivitamins: 21st Century Sentry Senior Women’s 50+

This multivitamin contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals, ranging from vitamin A to zinc. It includes key nutrients such as vitamins D3 and B12, plus calcium and lutein for bone and eye health.

People can choose between banana or unscented versions of this product.

Some reviewers state that the tablets are large and can be difficult to swallow.

Best for vitamin B12: One A Day Women’s 50+ Complete Multivitamin

One A Day states that this multivitamin offers a complete supplement, as it contains several vitamins and minerals, including over 1,000% of a person’s recommended vitamin B12 intake.

The company also states that this supplement may help support immune health and metabolism.

Some reviewers state that the large tablets are difficult to swallow. Additionally, this multivitamin contains artificial colors and fillers, plus nutrients with low bioavailability, such as zinc oxide and sodium selenite.

Best for vegetarians: X Gold Health Women’s Daily Multivitamin 50 Plus

This product features a formula of wholefood-based natural ingredients. It includes 35 different vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements, with a superfood blend of ginkgo biloba, maca, ginger, and organic antioxidants.

Some reviewers state that they received damaged products and that the packaging did not have any nutritional facts labels.